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Our History

Sun Paints & Coatings has produced the finest adhesives, clear and white latex coatings since 1971. All our products are manufactured locally in Tampa, Florida using the knowledge and formulations of our experienced chemists. With over 100 years of combined expertise, our chemists strive to exceed our customers' expectations in quality latex base paints, solvent based paints, wallpaper adhesives and white and clear caulks. Our products are distributed nationally and globally through private label partners, and direct to contractors through our own chain of Sun stores.

We take pride in our family-owned, professional environment which fosters innovation. Our new performance products not only protect and beautify, but create a better habitat through the development of low VOC coatings and adhesives. In 2007 we built a brand new, state of the art 90,000sq ft. production facility in order to refine and develop our new paint line. Today, ELEMENTS® and Grandeur®take care in specializing their formulations for the Florida climate. Controlled testing confirms the strong bond that weathers the elements better than national brands that cater to cold-weather clients.

Sun Paints & Coatings is a charter member of the EPA/DOE Energy Star Program, and is active in many national trade associations such as:

  • National Roofing Contractors Association
  • Federation of Societies for Coatings and Technology
  • National Paint & Coatings Association
  • Paint and Decorating Contractors Association
  • Paint and Decorators Retail Association
  • National Guild of Professional Paper Hangers

Whether you’re a business who needs a supplier of private label coatings or a professional contractor looking for fast, convenient, friendly service, you will find it with Sun Paints and Coatings. This is why Sun is known for The Best Paint Under the Sun

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