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DYCO POOL DECK is a waterborne acrylic finish with superior film properties...

Caulks & Adhesives

At Sun Paints & Coatings we offer the industry’s best selection of premium caulks and sealants to protect and seal surfaces from water, smoke, heat, and other damaging environmental elements. Our caulks and sealants are created for use in almost any sealing situation, and have been produced to withstand the elements.

Interior Versatility

Each of our SunKote locations offers the finest professional painter’s interior caulks for the most demanding jobs. Our high-performants caulks expand and contract with movement and are avaliable in a variety of formulae for any situation. SunKote carries a full line of sealants for use in kitchens and bath, and around the house on doors, moldings, baseboards, windows and mirrors.

Exterior Performance

Outdoors, Sun Paints & Coatings is the leader in exterior caulks and sealants that provide protection from the elements. Sun Paints & Coatings has quality stucco caulks, caulks for wood siding and wood trim, brick, hardboard siding and fiberboard, metal including galvanized metal and aluminum, vinyl siding and vinyl trim, concrete and other masonry surfaces, windows and glass, exterior doors, decks and patios, and other paintable exteriors. Sun Paints & Coatings painters caulk outperforms competitor’s painter caulk for flexibility and long-term performance. For Dynamite solutions, use Dynamite brand by Sun Paints & Coatings.

Our caulks and sealants can be used for almost any situation, and many meet the stringent standards required for construction work, including the rigid ASTM C 920 standard in construction applications.

Review our selection of Caulks & Primers to find a coating that meets your needs today!

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