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Low VOC Green Products

What are VOCs, and should I be concerned?

The term "VOC" stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These are the dangerous chemicals that evaporate while most paints, caulks, spackling, and other liquids dry. The impact of VOCs ranges from creating irritating odors to activating serious breathing problems for people with allergies, asthma, and lung, throat or sinus conditions. Sun Paints & Coatings manufactures numerous interior and exterior paints, primer and repair products to eliminate VOCs, as well as glycols and other potentially unhealthy chemical ingredients.

Why are low VOC products better than other products?

Our low VOC products are the result of highly focused research and our intense desire to provide products that go beyond the strictest regulations for health and safety. We removed the typical paint and caulk ingredients that have been used for years and replaced them with higher-performance technologies that don’t harm the environment or emit volatile toxins, but deliver uncompromised lasting product performance and ease of use.

Why are low VOC coatings better for indoor spaces?

Low VOC products are ideal for indoor spaces, where air quality is most critical. Indoors, air flow is minimal, and chemical odors can compound. Low VOC products focus on indoor air quality, fast dry, lasting performance where close daily contact is involved, and low odor. With this in mind, a low VOC paint is ideal for painting occupied spaces such as offices and homes.

Why should I use low VOC coatings outdoors?

While low VOC products are ideal for indoor spaces, where air quality is most critical, many exterior "green" products are formulated with low VOC. These products share the same characteristics as our other high performance exterior-grade acrylics for maximum weathering, mildew resistance and water resistance but have the added bonus of emitting fewer violate organic compounds which creates a product that is more friendly to our environment.

More Information

More information about Violate Organic Compounds can be found on the web at many helpful sites.
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