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Ultraspread Low Lustre Tint Base

DYTON Ultraspread Exterior Low Lustre Tint Base

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Floor, Patio and Pool Coatings

There are many ways to beautify and protect your home with Sun Paints & Coatings stains, sealers and coatings. Each type of substrate in your home needs a specific type of coating. Sun Paints & Coatings offers driveway sealers and both concrete / cement paved surfaces as well as decks, patios and pools.

For concrete / cement driveways, patios, pavers, and other porous surfaces, Sun offers All-Seal, an amazing clear sealer that waterproofs to prevent damage from water and salt. We also offer Seamco Kolor Kote, to breath life into dull pavement and seal the surface to reduce the chance of moisture damage

What kind of surfaces can I use a clear or color coating on?

Almost any substrate you can imagine can be coated! All our coatings are specifically designed for application to cementitious substrates. They applies easily, resist weathering, cracking and fading, provides excellent durability and hardness and gives a mildew resistant coating. Select coatings also resist hot tire pick-up for garage and driveway use!

We manufacture coatings for:

• Concrete Floors
• Cinder Block Walls
• Walkways
• Pool Decks
• Ramps
• Warehouse Floors
• Racquet Ball Courts
• Metal Surfaces
• Garage Floors
• Concrete Walls
• Patios
• Stairways
• Garage & Carport Floors
• Loading Docks
• Tennis Courts
• Asphalt
• Catwalks
• Pools

For more information, please see a SunKote store associate for details or check out one of these products in our online store!

Review our selection of Floor, Patio and Pool Stains and Paints to find a coating that meets your needs today!

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