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Shield & Seal $29.80
Shield & Seal

DYCO SHIELD & SEAL is a solvent based polyurethane water-proofing...


Sun Paints & Coatings carries a full line of surface preparation products  formulated for every substrate and substrate condition. Primers enhance the durability and look of the final coat. Sun primers should be applied per specifications to any jobsite where a superior, long lasting finish is desired.

Did you know that Sun primers...
• Help achieve a smooth professional appearance.
• Enhance adhesion to the substrate.
• Reduce stains, marks and odor bleed-through.
• Can prevent peeling.
• Reduces topcoat application and touch up time.

As a professional painter, you can appreciate having the right tool for the job. Selecting a primer is as easy as determining the type of substrate you wish to coat. Sun Paints & Coatings has a wide selection of specialty primers to help you start the job!

Review our selection of Primers and Caulks to find a coating that meets your needs today!


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