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Professional Services

Sun Paints & Coatings’ dedicated Property Service Professionals simply the painting and waterproofing process for property owners and property management professionals. Sun paints are designed to give the best finish under the Florida Sun, while offering the best value and return on investment.

Repaint Job Specifications

To aid contractors in securing jobs, upon request Sun Paints & Coatings provides attractive and detailed professional job specifications on commercial and multi-family residential jobs. The customized specifications take into account matching the right product for any given substrates requiring paint. Job specifications will be produced on any of the preferred paint lines we carry including SunKote, Benjamin Moore, Devoe, or Pittsburgh Paint brands. The specifications complete with technical data sheets are produced in a timely fashion in an attractive binder format sure to please your clients with their accuracy and thoroughness.

Job-Site Inspections

Thorough job-site inspections are conducted by SunKote representatives on all phases of labor and material warranty painting or waterproofing projects.


Sun Paints & Coatings offers a variety of labor and material warranties as well as product warranties on our many product systems and brands. For complete details on our warranty systems contact our paint representatives. Warranties are available to licensed, insured contractors in good credit standing and must be requested prior to job commencement as written specifications are required.

New Construction Submittals

New construction painting and coating submittals are provided to painting contractors in any of the product brand lines carried by our stores including SunKote, Benjamin Moore, Devoe and Pittsburgh Paints. SunKote will cross-over any new construction architectural specification from competitor’s products to the matching products in any of the desired brands we carry in our stores.

Expert Color Matching

SunKote prides itself in having some of the best color matchers in the business as well as some of the best color tools including attractive store color displays and computer color matching machines. Unlike many of our competitors we do not shy away from difficult color matches including custom stain matches. You can confidently expect timely and accurate color matching from our stores.

Job-Site Deliveries

SunKote provides timely free jobsite delivery service on your paint orders.

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